15" Beadlock Conversion


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We offer 15" beadlock conversions in either a single or a double beadlock option.  The single meaning just the outside of the wheel and the double meaning both the outside and the inside of the wheel.  Different wheels have different "safe" backspace sizing to allow for a double beadlock.  IE; A Weld race wheel will be good for a double bealdock up to 6" of backspace.  Any more than that it makes it difficult or impossible to install a tire.  A Weld RTS wheel is more like 4.5" of backspace and allow ease of tire installation.  We TIG weld all of the beadlocks with a rotisserie to ensure the best quality process available.  We also only use USA made billet aluminum guaranteeing the best materials are used in the process.  You have your choice of ring styles and they come either polished or black anodized for the same price.  

Singles are $750 for both wheels

Doubles are $1250 for both wheels.  

Custom logos are available for an additional $100 upcharge.

Colors for rings other than black will be an additional $100 upcharge.


We also charge $60 for return shipping on wheels shipped in the USA.