Digital Delay Elite Crossover



Introducing, the Digital Delay Elite Crossover, the smallest multi-function Delay Box on the market.

The Elite Crossover has all the features of our competitor's box, PLUS several features you can't get with their boxincluding... the ability to shift up to 5 times, and the ability to shift by RPM; Our Set and Go push-button mode which is similar to Z-Force* - the press of a button (SET) sets the Transbrake and then on the press of a separate second button (GO) starts the delay timing; our Multi-Tap feature, and our built-in Burn-out Timer that makes sure the burn-outs are done the same every time.

And Elite Crossover doesn't leave you in the dark! The screen is backlit, and our switches are exclusively ringed with a white backlight making it easy to operate at night.

* Z-Force is a registered trade mark of K&R Performance Engineering

  • CrossTalk Compatible
  • Full Bracket and Pro Modes
  • Backlit Switches and Screen
  • Plain text on the screen to indicate what’s displayed.
  • Full Bracket and Pro Modes
  • Burn-out Timer
  • Separate I/O board to simplify wiring
  • Tap Up, Down, and Multi-tap
  • Driver’s Reaction Tester
  • Built-in LED for Driver’s reaction Tester
  • Three 2 Stage Timers
  • Programmable Throttle Stop Override
  • Shift up to 5 time by RPM or Time
  • Built in Digital Tach with Peak RPM recall
  • 5 Push modes
  • 7 independent outputs
    • Transbrake
    • Starting Line Enhancer
    • Line Lock
    • Timer 1 (40 Amp)
    • Timer 2 (40 Amp)
    • Timer 3 (40 Amp)
    • Shift (40 Amp)
  • All Outputs are fused
  • Status LED’s on I/O boar


  • Overall Size: 5-1/4" x 3" x 2-1/2"